Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Last night was roasting and muggy and I was really impressed that so many showed up to train. We started with a 9 minute partner warm up. One person working while the other held the plank position.  From there it was into a couple of pre-emptive strategies on the pads.

We then looked at common object defences with a flash light, stick and screw driver, pen, piece of glass or a knife. All conceptual so we can pick something up and use it without having to mentally shift gears to much.  Really the drills are all about learning angles, distance and timing.

We finished with some slap boxing to round the evening off.  And Scott has some fun ideas for Thursday's class so make sure you are there.


Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Last night we worked on our shovel hooks and then looked to take some form of control.  This can be a wrap of the arm, clinch, a single arm around the neck.  At the start we were wearing gloves so we were rather limited however, once we got them off it was easier.

We also worked a long range hook with a big step that's sometimes called a kangaroo punch because of the jump you are taking with the footwork. I got this technique from Professor Kelly Worden who got it from Sugar Ray Seals that he used to share a gym with in the early days. Its great for using against someone who has longer limbs and is keeping you at a distance. I think its more designed for sport application but we used it in a street fighting application last night concentrating on bridging in off it.

We did a few rounds of boxing trying to use the shovel hook and increased footwork.  At the end we revised the outside defences and threw in some edged weapons to up the pressure.


Friday, 19 June 2015


Last night we looked at defending against low line attacks from an impact weapon such as a baseball bat. I emphasised last night that its not natural to really target the legs with weapons like these but we need to cover all the bases as it relates to defending low line kicks in some respects.  We looked at distancing and responses based on our state of preparedness, distance and stance.  We also looked at some of the basic boxing curriculum and then linking it all together.  Great effort from everyone there.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


So we started the class working on some pre-emptive strikes. From there we looked at using these from various intimidation positions, mainly clothing grabs. We then built it up and added in a multiple opponent factor changing the distance of the second attacker. Sometimes he would be right in close with the guy grabbing you or sometimes out on the periphery.

We looked at striking one person and using them as shield initially before attacking the second person.  We looked at striking both people simultaneously using high and low line attacks.  I was getting the guys to use a good amount of verbal last night not inly to make the pre-emptive strike easier to use but also to try and desensitise them to aggression.

We then jumped into impact weapon defences.  We looked at forehand and backhand attacks as they are the most likely given that most impact weapons are weighted at the tip, a baseball bat for example.  Essentially, we are closing the gap and using our close range tools. The weapon is simply a training tool to enhance our attributes and line familiarisation.  Rarely will most of us face this type of attack and like I said last night, if you are facing stuff like this regularly its time to move house.

See you guys Thursday.


Monday, 15 June 2015


Last week we looked at some of the sliding defences against longer impact weapons.  The principle being that you need to cover ground fast and close the gap where the weapon can do less damage.  Once your into the fur ball then its whoever wants it most.

We looked at the most common lines of attack being high line forehand and back hand.  Just think how you would use a baseball bat or metal pipe.  One of the guys I was training with on Friday had a big crowbar for us to train with.  It was really a weapon of intimidation as the balance is all over the place.  If you swing and miss then its a drama to redirect with any speed unless your pretty au fait with weapons training.

This week I week on Tuesday and Thursday I want to look at low line attacks with impact weapons and how we can use the use the legs and feet to stop them.  So make sure you guys are all there.


Monday, 8 June 2015


We are going to concentrate on some slow placed multiple attacker drills with the emphasis on making good decisions, correct defences for the problems presented and good strategy when it comes to dealing with more than one opponent.  It will be fun guys, if you listen and do what we want you to do.  Don't go giving it arms and legs until we tell you its time.  Its gonna be like your first driving lesson, then at the end of the week we will let you loose on the Autobahn!


Thursday, 4 June 2015


You cannot escape doing push ups, or squats if you plan to train in Krav Maga.  Make sure you are doing the movements how we ask you to or the benefits you will get could be reduced.  Both exercises give a good bang for the buck and build muscle and strengthen ligaments around the joints that can be susceptible to injury during training.

If your smoking your push ups then go for plyometric ones and the same goes for squats.  With the push remember that I want your elbows in tight to the body not out at the side.  Out at side style, while easier, leads to shoulder injuries and doesn't help with punching.  Your arms are in tight to your sides when you throw punches so the push up should mirror this.

With the squat feet out wide where you are comfortable.  Probably shoulder width for most off us with our toes pointed outwards.  Sit your hips back as if you were going to sit on the toilet and as you go down have your knees track over your pinky toe. Make sure you go below parallel which for most of us will be a struggle at first but since you can all use a toilet correctly you know you can do it.  It will lead to great mobility, flexibility and all this will translate into kicking and movement.

If it was easy then everyone would do it correctly.  Don't be everyone else, work hard.


Wednesday, 3 June 2015


In Krav Maga we take a simplistic view of angles of attack.  Krav Maga is a system not an art so practitioners don't need to spend a lot of time on what some people call fluff.  KM has begged, borrowed and stole from the arts to make it what it is and has obviously its own ideas depending on where and who you train with.  However, in some instances its worth stepping outside of KM as they might have taken too simplistic an approach with certain points.

Check out the picture below and train those angles of attack with a common object and your striking tools.  I guarantee you that your interpretation of attacks will get better and you'll be able to intercept and have access to more striking lines.

A lot of guys training at the gym are cross training in JKD, NSI, Filipino arts and all of Scott's wrestling.  If your only training in KM spend a little time working on this and you'll reap the rewards in class.


Friday, 20 March 2015


Some great effort was displayed at training this week.  Plenty of the guys helping the newer lads out and sharing their knowledge which is great to see. As soon as you know a little more than the guy you are with then you become the teacher.

We did some fitness testing with the Tuesday class which we will re-test in around 6-7 weeks. Fingers crossed for improvements.  Thursday guys still need to do it and I will try my best to include everyone so make sure you are around next week.

Last night we went back to basic progressions against outside attacks. Its good to review the common and foundational stuff.  Then the guys all added in their own sugar and spice.  Finished the class off with some sparring.


Monday, 9 March 2015


I was recently on a CrossFit level 2 course.  One of the main themes of the course was the programming of movements to increase levels of fitness.  Combat Ready Gym offers classes in CrossFit and Krav Maga as do many of the larger warehouse gyms in US. In fact it was a Krav Maga coach that created the CrossFit kids course initially.  The point I am trying to make is people often train in one class and look for differences in the others.  

The more I teach, the more I understand the commonalities.  In CrossFit and Krav Maga it's often a rush of the practitioners to go for the funky moves and miss out the basics.  When people watch the CrossFit Games they see the top percent of athletes doing movements and look to emulate them.  They forgot about the basics that will last them a life time.  Thats the same as the Krav Maga mob.  They look to over complicate and learn the most complicated of movements without a solid understanding of the initial movements. Overlook the basics and you can't build a solid structure on top of it and eventually it will collapse. 

I like to teach a lot of basics (fundamentals) and we can use the more exotic stuff to keep interest high and challenge us.  However, you always must keep in mind that to be successful you need a solid concrete base.  

So with that in mind in CrossFit get back to the foundational movements and in Krav Maga get the boxing and low line kicking sharp. 

Train and stay safe.