Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Last night we trained out in the fresh air on the concrete.  We started off working on the pads to get a sweat up and build some solid strikes and combinations.  After that we looked at defending against straight attacks skimming of the opponents arm into their vision area then adding in the whatever finishing mode the guys wanted.  We covered face cranks once we had achieved a chest to back position coming off of jab and cross combinations.  We were lucky enough that Scott rocked up at this point as this stuff is his speciality.  He demonstrated some different versions and had the guys squealing as noses and eye sockets were reaching breaking point.  We rounded off the class with some slap boxing as a bit of fun and to develop some footwork.  Next week as the class timetable shifts we can get back focussing purely on Krav Maga and for October we will covering all the fundamentals.  Developing a sound understanding of the basics will give a good overall template.  Then you can develop a style that suits you as an individual which can be adapted as the threat increases and the surroundings change.



Remember that next week the timetable goes back to normal.  So will be along the lines of CrossFit, Kickboxing, Krav Maga or NSI, then followed by MMA, submission on the Thursday.  Check the website if unsure.  Lets see how many people we catch out coming at the wrong time.


Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Last night we had a stockade style prison warm up with lots of push up holds at the bottom circling left and right which seemed to never end.  Good effort for the few who managed to hang right up until the end.

We concentrated on covering elliptical strikes and snaring the arm while using our elbows to destroy whatever was in our way.  We looked to establish a chest to back position and I let the guys freestyle on what the ending was.

Good numbers and a great amount of energy in the class which I always love.  When you train hard the gym comes alive.


Monday, 17 August 2015


Think about common objects that you can use as an equaliser if a situation arose. Keep in mind you cannot carry a weapon but you could pick up an item and deploy it if threatened. Think about the different groups of items.  Here are a few off the top of my head, try and think for yourself and add to the list and also possible uses:

kitchen knife
piece of glass
kniting needle

sports bag


electric cable

baseball bat
piece of timber
rolled up magazine

Sunday, 2 August 2015


Guys please remember that starting tomorrow the classes are merging.  So Kickboxing, TE, NSI and KM will all be at the time of 6.45-7.45.  Scott's MMA and wrestling will be after this.  There are posters all over the gym, its been on FB.  If you still aint sure then give us a shout.  And enjoy the Festival.



A few months ago we held a seminar based around Datu Kelly Worden's travel wrench. It's a great tool for developing striking and learning your lines of attack and defence. It's a very versatile tool and can be used for locking, disarming and generally destroys any incoming attack on the first beat.  If your looking to get your hands on one then visit Datu Worden also has a great DVD which can get you started.  If you already have martial arts experience then its going to fit right into what you already do.  Get your hands on one and see your Kata or patterns improve. 

Here is a pic of the guys from the seminar.


I have started up loading some more recent videos we shot a few weeks ago.  Some of them are looking at basic principles and techniques and others are looking at drills from some of the other systems we teach to help enhance the effectiveness of our Krav Maga.  These drills are mainly edged weapon based or sensitivity drills.  Learn them, use them, adapt them and get better.

There are also some rants for want of a better word from me. In one video I'm talking about who your average assailant is and his skill set.  Another, is on the force ladder.  So get a cuppa, sit down and watch them, share them and make sure you subscribe to the channel. Leave any feedback good or bad, it helps develop future videos.


Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Last night was roasting and muggy and I was really impressed that so many showed up to train. We started with a 9 minute partner warm up. One person working while the other held the plank position.  From there it was into a couple of pre-emptive strategies on the pads.

We then looked at common object defences with a flash light, stick and screw driver, pen, piece of glass or a knife. All conceptual so we can pick something up and use it without having to mentally shift gears to much.  Really the drills are all about learning angles, distance and timing.

We finished with some slap boxing to round the evening off.  And Scott has some fun ideas for Thursday's class so make sure you are there.


Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Last night we worked on our shovel hooks and then looked to take some form of control.  This can be a wrap of the arm, clinch, a single arm around the neck.  At the start we were wearing gloves so we were rather limited however, once we got them off it was easier.

We also worked a long range hook with a big step that's sometimes called a kangaroo punch because of the jump you are taking with the footwork. I got this technique from Professor Kelly Worden who got it from Sugar Ray Seals that he used to share a gym with in the early days. Its great for using against someone who has longer limbs and is keeping you at a distance. I think its more designed for sport application but we used it in a street fighting application last night concentrating on bridging in off it.

We did a few rounds of boxing trying to use the shovel hook and increased footwork.  At the end we revised the outside defences and threw in some edged weapons to up the pressure.


Friday, 19 June 2015


Last night we looked at defending against low line attacks from an impact weapon such as a baseball bat. I emphasised last night that its not natural to really target the legs with weapons like these but we need to cover all the bases as it relates to defending low line kicks in some respects.  We looked at distancing and responses based on our state of preparedness, distance and stance.  We also looked at some of the basic boxing curriculum and then linking it all together.  Great effort from everyone there.