Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Women Only Krav Maga Class

Last night we opened up with a chat concerning controlled aggression, attitude or as Bruce Lee said emotional content.  After that we used some games to get people moving and warm and generally have fun with some cross over to combatives.  We then focussed on building some solid striking from a position where our hands were low and we were not aware of what was going on.  We then changed our attitude and starting position to a guard position and started incorporating elbow and knee strikes.  I was really impressed with how the class worked together and the general aliveness in the training.  We finished off with a defending against and hooking attack and looked at various options from running away to using a take down.  All good solid Krav Maga

Friday, 2 October 2015


Last night we started off with some of the boxing curriculum and then moved into looking at defending a headlock.  We looked at points of prevention from projectile range to almost being in the headlock.  Then dealing with the final problem itself.  Scott then gave the guys some options if they were then taken to the ground in the headlock.  Remember drill the releases as much as possible but practice prevention more. You don't want to develop a victim mind set which can be common in Krav Maga training when classes drill defence over offence all the time.


Friday, 11 September 2015


Last night we worked on some fast pre-emptive entries on pads and then on a partner.  Certain positions  contained within these movements would be required later on in our knife defence drills. Movement is universal so you should be aiming to use movements in various situations.  It should just be this is empty hand attack the defence is A, this is an impact weapon attack the defence is B. I will try and do a video clip at some point as I drew out some great examples last night.

We worked knife attacks from the front when there is little distance between you and the attacker and from the side.  Finished off the class with some sparring.  Great effort from everyone in the gym.


Wednesday, 9 September 2015


We worked defences against straight punches relying on using our lead hand to parry rather than rear hand sophistication.  It might not feel natural however, on some occasions this is going to happen naturally. You won't have the opportunity to move your feet into a guard when something kicks off and your lead hand is naturally going to swat away at anything that comes towards your body.  The plan was to make you realise that you can use the lead hand but you expose yourself to their strong rear punch if you are on the inside line.

After this we looked at some edged weapon work which was again to enhance our lines of attack and give us structure.  We then did the empty hand equivalent.  From there it was onto defending knife attacks with an emphasis on trying to control the attacking arm.  More of this on Thursday night.


Friday, 4 September 2015


Douglas and Ian took the guys through the kickboxing class last night. Both of them have upcoming MMA fights soon was good for the class to get another coaches perspective on training and some fresh combinations.

For Krav Maga we went through some of the takedown curriculum from static positions and then from various entries.  The emphasis was on proper mechanics, scanning the area and looking for easy ways to get various locks and positions of control.  After than Douglas and Paddy had the guys cover some pad work and then finished off trying to see if we could get a take down with some forward pressure. I stressed that unless its your job and you can't hit someone then a takedown shouldn't be forced. You can use striking to soften and then apply.  In some circumstances you might not be able to hit them so you may have to man handle them a little bit more than you normally would.  Don't go looking for a takedown its just gonna appear from you giving forward pressure, footwork or your opponent crumbling.  The goal is safety so keep that in mind.  Its not about looking like Jason Bourne as much as we all want to.


Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Last night we trained out in the fresh air on the concrete.  We started off working on the pads to get a sweat up and build some solid strikes and combinations.  After that we looked at defending against straight attacks skimming of the opponents arm into their vision area then adding in the whatever finishing mode the guys wanted.  We covered face cranks once we had achieved a chest to back position coming off of jab and cross combinations.  We were lucky enough that Scott rocked up at this point as this stuff is his speciality.  He demonstrated some different versions and had the guys squealing as noses and eye sockets were reaching breaking point.  We rounded off the class with some slap boxing as a bit of fun and to develop some footwork.  Next week as the class timetable shifts we can get back focussing purely on Krav Maga and for October we will covering all the fundamentals.  Developing a sound understanding of the basics will give a good overall template.  Then you can develop a style that suits you as an individual which can be adapted as the threat increases and the surroundings change.



Remember that next week the timetable goes back to normal.  So will be along the lines of CrossFit, Kickboxing, Krav Maga or NSI, then followed by MMA, submission on the Thursday.  Check the website if unsure.  Lets see how many people we catch out coming at the wrong time.


Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Last night we had a stockade style prison warm up with lots of push up holds at the bottom circling left and right which seemed to never end.  Good effort for the few who managed to hang right up until the end.

We concentrated on covering elliptical strikes and snaring the arm while using our elbows to destroy whatever was in our way.  We looked to establish a chest to back position and I let the guys freestyle on what the ending was.

Good numbers and a great amount of energy in the class which I always love.  When you train hard the gym comes alive.


Monday, 17 August 2015


Think about common objects that you can use as an equaliser if a situation arose. Keep in mind you cannot carry a weapon but you could pick up an item and deploy it if threatened. Think about the different groups of items.  Here are a few off the top of my head, try and think for yourself and add to the list and also possible uses:

kitchen knife
piece of glass
kniting needle

sports bag


electric cable

baseball bat
piece of timber
rolled up magazine

Sunday, 2 August 2015


Guys please remember that starting tomorrow the classes are merging.  So Kickboxing, TE, NSI and KM will all be at the time of 6.45-7.45.  Scott's MMA and wrestling will be after this.  There are posters all over the gym, its been on FB.  If you still aint sure then give us a shout.  And enjoy the Festival.