Monday, 31 October 2016


Its very once you train for any length of time to no longer appreciate the fundamentals of your art.  I always like to think that a lot of the more advanced ideas and principles are there to keep us interested, to force us to think and explore for ourselves. Hopefully, if a situation does arise, then the tools you use to extricate yourself from there will be basic in nature.  For example, if you end up in a tussle never forget the use of ripping and tearing, scraping and gouging to either have the person disengage or flee or to create an opening for your escape or more counter strikes if necessary.  The picture below is probably around ten years old now. Took it back when I started teaching full time.  It was to capture a moment in a fight and let you know the brutality in nature that could be present.

So when training basics  / fundamentals work hard as you may have to rely on them heavily one day.


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