Wednesday, 19 October 2016


During training its very often tempting to drop your hands after you have finished a combative set.  In Krav Maga it's essential to keep your hands protecting the jaw line as you have to factor in multiple opponents and being hit from the side by one of them. Even when you are clearly dealing with one attacker only in the class imagine there are more enemies and keep the hands up and scan the area for exits, more bad guys and anything you could fall over.

Even during sparring sessions when you tie your opponent up in the clinch position for example as you reign down with knee strikes perhaps you should already be looking for an exit or planning your next manoeuvre.

Sometimes as a coach its helpful to walk the room with a padded stick and simply hit anyone who isn't looking or who is dropping their hands.  This will encourage good tactics and also add a small element of stress which is essential in some areas of Krav Maga training.


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