Sunday, 14 February 2016


When you are training you should look to develop your ability to transfer through ranges both forward and in reverse.  So if we start at kicking range look to close the gap to punching range.  Then you could work from grappling range and get back to close and then medium range. This idea would fit right in with the Krav Maga ground fighting principles of getting back to your feet as quickly as possible. 

So on the pads with a partner work out a combination starting with a kick and close to punching range and finally close range which could simply be a clinch with you adding in some knee strikes.  Look to develop as much variety as possible.  

Once you have practised this skill you will find your sparring gets better and your abilities in multiple attacker drills increase.

Generally we should always be moving forwards however, it's not always practical and you need the ability to go backwards and clockwise and counter clockwise in confrontations.  

Get in as much practice as you can when you are working your situational drills.  


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