Sunday, 7 February 2016


Its important in training not only to scan the area but actively move towards an exit when you are working through your situationals.  For example, you are training your 360 defence against an outside attack.  Your at medium range and your hands are up in a passive guard trying to de-escalte matters.  You've brought your hands closing together to shut down your centre line forcing an attack on the high line to come around your hands making its slightly slower than a straight attack.  Its not going to be easy to stop but hopefully easier than reacting to a straight jab or a cross.

So you work through your verbal portion and your physical defence.  Counter as appropriate and then make your way to the exit.  If you practice just running a few metres towards an exit after the confrontation it's of real benefit to your training.  Building muscle memory that you want you flee danger if appropriate. Maybe you can't just run because you are with other people or your jacket is in the cloakroom off the club and you really love that jacket!  Come back and get it the next day, do everything you can to get home safely which is the purpose of Krav Maga.

Also, after you stop running, don't just run back.  Take a second, a breath, calm yourself and walk back to begin again fresh. Otherwise you are training to run back to a danger spot which isn't a good thing.

Train smart, train safe and have fun.


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