Wednesday, 17 June 2015


So we started the class working on some pre-emptive strikes. From there we looked at using these from various intimidation positions, mainly clothing grabs. We then built it up and added in a multiple opponent factor changing the distance of the second attacker. Sometimes he would be right in close with the guy grabbing you or sometimes out on the periphery.

We looked at striking one person and using them as shield initially before attacking the second person.  We looked at striking both people simultaneously using high and low line attacks.  I was getting the guys to use a good amount of verbal last night not inly to make the pre-emptive strike easier to use but also to try and desensitise them to aggression.

We then jumped into impact weapon defences.  We looked at forehand and backhand attacks as they are the most likely given that most impact weapons are weighted at the tip, a baseball bat for example.  Essentially, we are closing the gap and using our close range tools. The weapon is simply a training tool to enhance our attributes and line familiarisation.  Rarely will most of us face this type of attack and like I said last night, if you are facing stuff like this regularly its time to move house.

See you guys Thursday.


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