Monday, 15 June 2015


Last week we looked at some of the sliding defences against longer impact weapons.  The principle being that you need to cover ground fast and close the gap where the weapon can do less damage.  Once your into the fur ball then its whoever wants it most.

We looked at the most common lines of attack being high line forehand and back hand.  Just think how you would use a baseball bat or metal pipe.  One of the guys I was training with on Friday had a big crowbar for us to train with.  It was really a weapon of intimidation as the balance is all over the place.  If you swing and miss then its a drama to redirect with any speed unless your pretty au fait with weapons training.

This week I week on Tuesday and Thursday I want to look at low line attacks with impact weapons and how we can use the use the legs and feet to stop them.  So make sure you guys are all there.


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