Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Last night we worked on our shovel hooks and then looked to take some form of control.  This can be a wrap of the arm, clinch, a single arm around the neck.  At the start we were wearing gloves so we were rather limited however, once we got them off it was easier.

We also worked a long range hook with a big step that's sometimes called a kangaroo punch because of the jump you are taking with the footwork. I got this technique from Professor Kelly Worden who got it from Sugar Ray Seals that he used to share a gym with in the early days. Its great for using against someone who has longer limbs and is keeping you at a distance. I think its more designed for sport application but we used it in a street fighting application last night concentrating on bridging in off it.

We did a few rounds of boxing trying to use the shovel hook and increased footwork.  At the end we revised the outside defences and threw in some edged weapons to up the pressure.


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