Sunday, 4 January 2015


When we think about footwork we tend to think about boxing, Ali and how he moved graciously around the ring.  Remember, a boxer knows the dimensions of a ring, knows it’s a flat canvas surface and how many steps he can take in each direction before being on the ropes or the ring posts.

In the world of self defence our footwork is more being able to move over uneven surfaces, up an incline or down a decline.  Think of putting our foot in a puddle of unknown depth and getting a wet shoe or sliding on gravel or glass.  The best  thing you can do is get out the dojo, get the shoes on and train.  You can hit pads, run situationals or roll on the floor.  Learn to deal with the environment, and if you slip, don’t stop - keep going and make the best of it.  

Train hard, fight easy.

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