Wednesday, 26 November 2014


So this one is mainly for the martial artists among us.  KM throughout the land is taught as a self defence system first and fighting system second.  So on the one hand you learn to act after the attack has happened, which is good, but I often feel it can train you to become the victim. The fighting system is really where it is at though.  To understand that though you need to look out with KM and straight to Bruce Lee's strategies of attack. I really hate reality videos however, this one is ok and only lasts a few seconds.  Remember we don't know any of the context surrounding this video so be objective.  What I want you to be aware of is the pre-emptive strike and then the interception on the second opponent - and the speed that the cigarette flies out his mouth. Every week in class I am banging on about intercepting this and that and sometimes I feel like nobody is listening.  Look at this video, understand, learn, adapt and use it.  This guys doesn't wait to be attacked, he knows he is and he intercepts the second guy who is trying to kick him.  You could almost say the first attack is an interception more than a pre-emptive strike as the attacker looks to raise his hands. Again, because its a video and we don't know anything about it who is the attacker?  Is it the guy on his own or the other guys.  You are only getting a snap shot so keep that in mind.  

The lesson though - don't wait, be pre-emptive if you feel you need to be or get using those interceptions.  

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