Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Takedowns in Self Defence

So recently in class we have been covering some of the essential takedowns in our Krav Maga curriculum. Remember, this will be expanding as we add in Scott's various wrestling takedowns and counters in due course.  I just wanted to have everyone clear about the takedown methodology.  So if we pre-emptively strike and they go south, there is no need for a takedown unless you try and grab them to give them a softer landing and prevent head trauma.  If, in the course of an altercation, we can only use minimal strikes then if we can manipulate a take down so be it.  Perhaps we can't go to town on them because they are a lot smaller than us, the opposite sex, there is CCTV or as part of your job you cannot be seen to be using to heavy a hand.  Another way of thinking is with the takedown you might be using the ground or wall or table or chair as part of a strike.  The bowling ball take down might be used and you put them through a wall for example, or you might hip toss them onto the concrete hoping to cause trauma.  Keep in mind concrete poisoning, and the real reasoning for the takedowns is to prevent any unnecessary trauma to the head of your opponent.  You can never really force a takedown unless you are young and strong. It's much better to just see the opening and take. You will know it when it happens. Until then practice on a willing class mate.  Give good energy and help the guy out.  Don't be a sack of potatoes, but at the same time don't be too rigid.  It's all about balance - the thinkers among us will understand that last bit there. 


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