Saturday, 8 November 2014

What we are about

The gym exists to provide members with what we as coaches determine to be the fastest methods to reach your goals.  If you are looking for self defence then there is nothing better than Krav Maga.  Mix in some NSI and TE classes for completeness and you can be  fairly confident you are going to be able to deal with confrontation in a fairly short period of time.  If you want to get "FIT" then CrossFit is one of the best strength and conditioning programmes on the planet with a worldwide following.  In terms of children's classes I strongly believe that you can't do any better than our Little Ninjas programme. It's a great way to start the journey in the Martial Arts and learn positive skills.  Moving on from that you have the Jnr Kickboxing / Jnr Krav Maga for the teens.  There are even more classes on offer than the ones I have mentioned. In a nut shell we only teach what we think works well, has a proven track record and gives people what they want.  At times training might be tough and there is going to be repetition but see beyond that, train hard stick in and reach those goals.

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