Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Round up of last night's class

Last night in Krav Maga we worked on defences against a baseball bat type of swinging attack. I gave you various options however, you must always remember the following points:

They have an extension weapon which needs to be used at a longer range for FULL effect. 

You need to close the gap to make that weapon less dangerous

Intercept the attack, counter strike(s) and control

Remove the weapon if appropriate and scan the area for potential hazards. 

Last night we used a baseball type swing to the head.  Why, because that is what is the most common and natural.  The downward attack rarely happens with a bat, maybe something smaller like a hammer or crow bar.  The idea of smooth and fast is to hardwire the movement. Any fool can burst in and hit someone.  Great well done you can charge and hope forward pressure will save you.  You could learn to play rugby and get the same results. However, we want to fine tune our training and get to a higher level. So some nights Im all about brute force other nights Its like a fast version of Tai Chi.  And remember, if you are only coming once a week well you can be missing out on other aspects. There are around 12 combat classes per week all building the individual and making them prepared for reality.  The more you come the better you get and the more variety you have in your training the more your eyes will be opened. 


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