Tuesday, 28 October 2014


In the Filipino arts the double stick and single patterns are used extensively. Many of the drills are for developing attributes over combative skills.  People nowadays often over look these drills and cannot see the function.  I was watching some of the boxers training in the gym recently and after some work developing combos on the pads they started working the speed drills on the focus mitts. Now the skills that those drills develop are exactly the same as the stick drills. Speed, timing and co-ordination.  Pad work is a skill and its often hard to find someone to feed the pads in that manner to develop those attributes.  The stick work is the same. Whatever your take on things both the pads and sticks will help you in your combative journey.  Both are noisy and annoy the hell out of other gym users so you can never win.  Start slow and build up and you can amaze all your friends and family and pretty soon like the Karate Kid you will be catching a fly using chopsticks.

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