Saturday, 20 September 2014

Why The Limb Destruction?

I was asked recently "why do you do that?", with "that" being the straight blast limb destruction entry from Tactical Edge.

The comparison is usually to Krav -"but in Krav we hit straight to the face".  What you'll find in most, if not all, reality based systems are the same essential concepts, the main one being "simultaneous blocking and striking" or hit without being hit. But that being said the answer to why we do the straight blast is in the title, it's more "tactical" and it fits conceptually into transitioning seamlessly into weapon work.

The idea of the limb destruction comes from filipino knife work. If I was intercepting an opponent's arm with a blade I'd target the exact same way as I do with the limb destruction but rather than destroying with a punch, I'd look to sever the bicep muscle - with that muscle gone it takes that arm and the threat out of the fight. So our limb destruction works as an empty hand version of that defence.

The limb destruction doesn't just destroy the attacking limb, by getting a full destruction on the attacking arm you create a cross extensive reflex action which means for a second the body's nerves take such a blow that the opposite arm is taken out of action, this is literally for a spilt second but it creates a gap that allows a quick follow up strike: (link included so you know its not just a bunch of special death touch voodoo magic)

Another very important factor is the law.  Although you're well within your rights to defend yourself the law states that you can use "reasonable force", smashing someone in the face when you had the opportunity to just stop the arm could seem a little excessive, so in tactical edge we move up a force ladder. We attack the attacking limb, destroy it as best we can (a really good limb destruction can stop an attack dead in its tracks if it's good enough) if that doesn't work then you can move up the force ladder to the opposite arm or to the head so if you have to explain your actions your able to state that you didn't just smash through his face first chance you got, you tried to be as kind as you could.

Again, conceptually the limb destruction's straight punch can be replaced with a weapon or improvised impact tool and it'll be just as good if not better.

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