Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Always keep in mind when you are training that the strikes you practice are potentially lethal.  When you use your elbow, which is one of your strongest strikes, you can feel the raw power.  Obviously you need speed and timing on your side to connect, but if you make contact in the facial area then that person is more than likely going to have to visit the hospital.  The bones around the cheek and eye socket are quite fragile and your crushing elbow could be devastating.  You need to keep this in mind if you ever need to deliver strikes for real.  Only do what you have to do and if you can talk it down or exit before it goes physical then that should be the game plan.  There are lots of people who have hit someone only once and they have fallen and died from concrete poisoning.  And never confuse sport fighting with self defence.  What you see in the ring isn't fighting.  Generally if you aint getting paid to trade blows then when you hit someone they will move in the direction of the force.  Keep all this in mind when you practice.  Train smart and remember you are all students of movement. 

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