Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Invest in some basic tools of the trade

Just like any sport or past time, if you want to train in KM properly you are going to need to invest in some kit.  Some basics I would never do without would be gum shield and groin guard.  £20 all in I bet.  Keeps the Hollywood smile and baby makers intact.  Next up a set of gloves. Sports Direct has a huge supply of them for about £15 for a set of 12 oz or 14 oz boxing gloves. More than adequate for what we need them for.  Keeps your wrists safe and the other person's face looking good. The classic cheapskate idiot line I get all the time is "Well I won't be wearing gloves in the street".  In the street your will never be hitting as often as you will be when you work the pads.  Also, I would get a jump rope.  Get one and cut it to size.  You will skip faster, warm up quicker and won't spend valuable minutes going back and forth trying to get a size that suits.  Its not a lot of cash when you compare it to swimming (shorts and goggles), football (boots, shin pads and strip) or climbing (chalk, chalk bag, harness, shoes).  So get saving or get buying and enhance your experience.  

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