Sunday, 2 March 2014

Weekly WOD's - get down to the gym and get working!

Strength: Deadlift 4x5 (4 sets of 5 reps each, working to a heavy weight in set 4)

   burpee box jumps
   wall balls

Strength: Front Squat to heavy 3

10 min AMRAP
   5 KB C&J/arm
   5 burpees
   5 situps 

No Strength

“Filthy Fifty”
   50 box jumps
   50 jumping pull-ups
   50 KB swings
   Walking lunges, 50 steps
   50 push press (20/15)
   50 back extensions
   50 wall balls
   50 burpees
   50 DU's

Strength: Deadlift 4x5

   12 rounds, EMOM
       3 power cleans (50/40)
       3 push press (50/40)
       3 box jumps

Strength: Front Squat to heavy 3

   3 min AMRAP
       KB swings
   2 min break
   3 min AMRAP
       wall balls
   2 min break
   3 min AMRAP

Partner/Team/Fun WOD

Welcome back to deadlifts! We’ve taken a four week break while focusing on overhead work, so we’re going to shift back to developing the posterior chain with some structured sets off the floor. Notice we’re doing a fixed number of sets here…not just working towards a heavy weight. We’ll discuss during class. We’re also seeing not one, but TWO repeat workouts this week: Filthy Fifty and the Friday arrangement. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of recording everything you do in class. It’s for times like this that we like to see where we’ve been so that we can figure out how far we’ve come! Excellent work last week with a brutal Saturday partner WOD. Get ready to smash it!

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