Saturday, 1 March 2014

Give it time

Often in classes, when people are training, they tend to rush things and miss out on some of the more vital elements. This is especially prevalent in striking combinations.  In the beginning it is better to develop your timing and accuracy and actual technical proficiency.  You can add in power later on. I know everyone hitting the pads has power, but sometimes it’s a case of disengaging that ego and going a bit slower.  Take your time to set your self up correctly and have a good base with your hands in the proper position, depending on what position you are working from that evening.  Then go through the combination a few times slowly, get the brain used to it and then increase the tempo.  Remember, the brain needs a little pause in there in order to learn, otherwise you are just working reaction.  Just think you wouldn’t get in a car on a driving lesson and just floor it would you?  Learning combatives is no different.  Sometimes it might be the case that the particular drill just involves a melee attack and we are not that bothered about form, but the majority of the time it is our primary concern.  So, focus over speed and power in the early stages. Remember, it can only go faster.  Then you can end up displaying speed like Bruce Lee in the clip below. Check him out towards the end:

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