Saturday, 29 March 2014

Controlling the distance

Everyone has their own personal space, and for most of us it is around 12-18 inches from our body.  If someone crashes that space we tend to panic and move backwards.  Now this isn’t much good in an altercation as obviously we can't move as fast backwards as they can forwards and we don’t know what’s behind us.  So get those hands up in a defensive posture, making sure they cover the top half of your body and in particular your face and head.  Sometimes you will want to create a very strong looking barrier that clearly sends the message back off, other times you will want a more subtle one which can be manipulated and you can use it to open a gap in your aggressor's defence if you choose to go down the route of a pre-emptive strike.  Find a few versions that work for you, and practice them when you are talking to people so that they become second nature.  

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