Saturday, 5 April 2014

Being a good bad guy

When you are training with a partner you are responsible for making them better. You are their coach as you have eyes on them the whole time.   When they are learning be a bit more passive as, yes, they are still learning. As the session goes on, they can grasp the concepts and you can apply more pressure.  Then towards the end of the session we can apply even more pressure and see what things look like. The more you come to class, the better you get. With someone who is experienced they can go hard and fast straight away and make good decisions throughout the whole of the scenario.  That does take some time, and for most of the guys training we need to get them there, which can take time.  Be patient, don’t rush things and be a good bad guy.  If you apply 100 percent resistance at the beginning and they don’t, of course it will never work.  If I repeatedly see that, I just tell the guy to strike him in the face harder or in the groin or thumb him in the eye.  See how the dynamics change then.  Now I'm not pushing techniques here, I'm pushing concepts, which are really just universal movement patterns, but the brain takes a bit to learn them and realise when to apply them. So trust in your training and relax, and most of all help your partner out and expect to be a bit like Jackie Chan and get chucked about a bit. 

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