Wednesday, 5 February 2014

We love the Martial

The idea behind being 'Combat Ready' is to be able to go from standstill to 100 mph at any given time. Now this could be good decision making, an altercation or de-escalation.  Your training needs to mirror this sort of thing, so if it doesn't then you need to add it in or find somewhere new to train.  In martial arts you have the art side which we rarely concentrate on unless we look at form.  Now I say form, not forms, and don't start quoting the Bruce Lee lines about form having no value as he said that decades ago and look at who he probably said it to - individuals bound by form as that was how arts were taught.  We are no longer bound by those constraints so don't get too hung up on what one guy said all those years ago.  What we do like to focus on is the martial side of things. The combatives and tactics involved in confrontations.  So take a bunch of strikes and practice these guys to death.  Get working them on the heavy bag, the focus mitts, a door frame or a training partner.  Think about single direct attacks, and then attack by combinations.  Need more information on this? Then a simple google search on Bruce Lee's fighting strategies will help you out.  Really this material is the stuff that will keep you safe far more than any of these bogus techniques you might be taught week after week in certain classes.  Remember, the strikes are where its at - the rest is simply frosting on the cake designed to keep you interested. 

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