Sunday, 2 February 2014

CrossFit WOD's for the week of Feb 3 - now 5 nights a week, plus 3 early mornings!

Back Squat to a heavy 3

Every minute for 15 minutes:
5 pull-ups (sub 8 ring rows)
10 push-ups
15 squats

Push Press heavy 5

50 DUs (150 singles+10 tuck jumps)

Then 4 rounds of
4 deadlifts
8 bar hop burpees
12 weighted sit-ups

Finish with another 50 DUs (150 singles+10 tuck jumps)

Skill: power cleans

Power clean
Wall ball

Back Squat heavy 3

3 min AMRAP
2 min break 
3 min AMRAP
KB swings
2 min break 
3 min AMRAP
Wall balls

Push Press heavy 5

4 rounds: 
200m run
10 KB snatches/arm
15 4-count flutter kicks

Team/Partner/Fun WOD

First week of 5 evening WODs! I like the progress we've made on the back squats, so those are going to stick around for a bit until we eventually work up to a heavy single in the next week or so. We're also introducing Push Press this week, as we've built up the back strength with deadlifts to make those weights strong overhead. Remember the importance of recording your lifts so that you can make progress, and don't expect the results without the hard work! You have to attend the classes so you can make those gains in strength we are aiming for.

Also a reminder, we have 6:30 AM classes this week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. No excuses anymore for not being able to make a class!

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