Thursday, 6 February 2014



So you've looked at the main HQ website, you've looked at some clips on YouTube of the CrossFit games and you've even gone and bought your Reebok CrossFit t-shirt.  You are ready to go and earn that body that adorns the CrossFit website site on a daily basis.  You get to class and you work out your body weight squat isn't as good as it could be.  Your push ups suck and you can't do a chin up even though you can bench press a 100kg. That's the basic and you haven't even started the olympic lifts. So what do you do?  You do what most people do, and you find excuses for not training harder or why this particular programme doesn't suit you or it doesn't work.  In today's throw away world everyone wants something yesterday and very few people are prepared to work for it.  How many people do you know who train in a gym and want to be big, yet they still look unimpressive?  They don't have the drive and will to succeed.  Sure, they might train hard but they drink too much alcohol, eat the wrong foods and don't sleep much.  That is the discipline though.  To succeed you need to stick with it and give it time.  Nothing worthwhile is easy or comes overnight.  To learn things takes time, and for God's sake go easy on yourself - don't waste time comparing yourselves to others or thinking people are looking at you.  They are training hard as well and don't have time to look at anyone else.  Think how long its takes you to learn to drive, and how even once you pass your test you are still learning and refining those skills.  Achieving that body, building fitness, dropping weight all takes time.  The people who come consistently, train hard, eat right and most of all listen to what the coaches are telling them are the people that get good and the ones you compare yourself to.  Be one of those people, and don't be the weak willed, easy-to-give-up excuse of a person.  The more you give up the less things there are to try.  Now suck it up, get training, work on the weaknesses and be great.  

Krav Maga

You've seen it in the movies, you seen it on YouTube and now you want to be that guy chucking people about, throwing ninjas through windows and surviving a multiple attack. You get to class and find out your co-ordination is not as great as you thought it was.  You make an excuse and already you start not to enjoy something that is fun and can change your life. You hit the pads and you work out there is not only co-ordination involved but power, accuracy and control.  Then you move on to partner drills and you feel clumsy as you stumble through the scenario.  You don't look as slick as the guy next to you who has probably been doing it a lot longer.  You start to make excuses in your head about why this isn't for you.  You sit at home thinking about your excuse for not coming to the next training session. Tell you what, the time you spend creating excuses just spend shadow boxing.  Practice the techniques and concepts you remember from the last few classes you attended.  It's a new skill and it takes time, you need to understand you are programming your body to move a particular way. You need to relax, go easy on yourself and just get to class and progress.  Screw what everyone else is doing and just focus on making yourself better by making sure you get to class, listen and train hard.  

The theme here is 'to get good takes time and dedication'.  I give it my all in coaching so you do me the courtesy of giving me a 100% back and you will become great.  Don't throw the towel in because something is difficult.  I've given up on things in the past and regretted it.  I've left things and then gone back to them with breaks in between and now it irks me to think if I had stuck with it I could have saved time and been further progressed.  

Remember one thing though.  You will not get great just thinking about it.  Do it, work hard and get the rewards whatever path you choose. 


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