Thursday, 3 October 2013

Testimonial for Combat Ready and KME

On behalf of City of Edinburgh Universities Officer Training Corps, I would like to thank the instructors at Krav Maga Edinburgh, with special commendation to Lawrie, for delivering a bespoke eight-week training programme for us. Professional instruction was provided at a level appropriate to the group, which progressed at a steady rate, as the majority had no prior martial arts experience. On several occasions, the instructors even stayed behind to go over any techniques for those having problems.

Sessions were physically and mentally challenging; hard work was encouraged in a natural and relaxed manner, which resulted in individuals feeling a real sense of achievement after every session. It was apparent that each session had been carefully considered and individually prepared, as teaching was clear and concise, with a different approach and set of objectives each week. Techniques were straightforward and effective, with many considered in the context of military scenarios. Most drills mirrored realistic situations, in contrast to other disciplines of martial arts that are less dynamic, and more rigid. We began defending against unarmed opponents and later progressed to defending against attackers armed with knives and firearms. These self-defence skills felt relevant to training with the Army Reserves - they are extremely sought after and everyone benefitted greatly from these weekly sessions. Furthermore, knowledge of how to defend ourselves or how to avoid such situations gave us more confidence in our everyday civilian life.

An additional bonus to the training was its effect on our fitness levels, and circuit training at the beginning of each week ensured that we were warmed up and primed for learning! Such a varied and strong programme would usually come with an expensive price tag – which can be very off-putting, especially for the student population. However, the affordability of these sessions meant that participation numbers were maximised.  Finally, training was fun and resulted in much laughter, a vital component of any training programme! We will definitely look into working with Krav Maga Edinburgh again. 

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