Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hooking Punch

The hook is generally used when there is a barrier in front of us and we require a strike that can flank it and land heavily.  The hook can come from the lead or the rear hand and can be done up close or at a more medium range.  The power comes from the hip and the arm comes round in a circular potion to strike and then follows the line back again. Think about the elbow being high and twisting through the target.  Depending on strategy and power you can recoil or punch through the target.  Keep in mind if we punch through then we can often leave our body exposed.  You can land the hook from the lead or rear hand.  You really need to keep the hip snap in mind when punching with the lead hand as it just doesn't have that same venom as the rear hand.  Often if you miss with the fist then you can land an elbow strike. The hand can either be in a horizontal or vertical fist.  Its down to personal preference. With the vertical fist your have a greater surface area to strike with in gloves but remember in reality you won't have gloves on and should be hitting with the first two big knuckles. Hands are delicate and we want to keep them in one piece.

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