Sunday, 6 October 2013

Injuries - take control

Since I’ve been working as a PT I’ve seen a lot of clients with long-term injuries. Some of them have been nursing injuries for years, the attitude being: “well, I’m getting old, what can I expect?”

It never ceases to surprise me that people will accept something that decreases their quality of life, disabling them for a lot of activities rather than finding out what they can do about it.

When I had cartilage removed from my knee about 17 months ago the first thing I wanted to know was how soon could I squat again. My surgeon, for all his awesomeness as a surgeon wasn’t great shakes as a weightlifting coach and told me “never”. Instead of following the advice of someone who had clearly never set foot in a gym before, much less  move a barbell around, I did as much research as I could within the weightlifting community: online, first-person and from a sports physiotherapist. I now squat as much as I did before the op, without pain.

If you have an injury, there’s no need to let it change your life forever. Speak to a professional. Find out what kind of training you should be doing to get back to your peak performance. Unless your doctor is a sporty type of person, I’d say ignore him or her and go straight to a physiotherapist for useful, realistic advice.

I like the people at Edinburgh University Centre of Sport and Exercise:

 Expect to pay about £35 per session. Think about it: If you don’t look after your body - where are you going to live?


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