Sunday, 29 September 2013

Cross or rear punch

This is executed in the same way as the jab, however it comes from our rear hand.  Imagine you are in your guard position - the movement begins in the rear foot with pressure rebounding from the floor and the hip twisting towards the target.  This force travels up through the body and then the hand moves straight to the target and, once making contact, comes back on the same line.  Again, think about the power delivery.  When delivering the punch make sure the hand doesn’t pull back to gain power from the shoulder.  Instead power through the hip and start the hand's journey from the guard. We want to minimise telegraphing our strikes as much as possible.  Remember, true power starts from the floor and travels up through the body and out via the arm.  The core should be working the entire time.  If it isn't, don't be so lazy.

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