Friday, 12 July 2013

Krav class last night

Last night we focussed on working tool and target development as we moved around the opponent.  Then we moved on to knife defence.  We worked the basic defences using our regular front kick, or stomp kick, to strike an opponent as they advance on you. If you can get to a common object to use as a projectile or shield, this would be a good tactical decision.  Also, consider your environment, like moving around a desk or chair, or using the chair.  From there we looked at controlling the attacking arm and using as many counter strikes as necessary.  We then looked at disarm options and also some of the guys used the walls to project the opponent into.  Also covered was a scenario where we had fallen and the attacker was on top of us striking us attempting to stab us.  We would cover more knife defence and disarms next week. 

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