Sunday, 14 July 2013

Dont be the 'I used to' guy

The bain of the coaches life is the “I used to” guy.  Now you can fill in this part of the sentence with: train in Krav Maga, be so fit, train seven days a week.

I understand that circumstances in life can often prevent you from fulfilling your dreams of fighting in the UFC or getting that six pack, but for fecks sake there is always something you can do.  Don’t be the guy resting on your laurels, telling people how once great you were.  Do something. Get yourself back to where you once were before it’s too late and you're down the pub boasting to people about what you used to do. 

I’ve seen some truly great people come and go from the gym after they put in a lot of hard work.  A little reason crops up and all of a sudden they make a full blown drama out it and next thing they stop their training and end up all the worse for it.  

One of the best feelings for me is when one of the old school guys makes an appearance back at training after an extended absence.  Recently Bear came back after what seems like two years off.  It was great to see him. If you’ve trained here before and then you stopped for some reason, then just come back and train.  Often I think people feel weird if they just stop training and never say why.  Sometimes it can feel like the door is left shut.  I don’t care. I just want you back training here.  

So sermon over.  If you fit this category stop the BS talk, get back doing what you did and do it better.  If you walked out the door then you can just as easy walk back in.  The hardest part of the journey in training is walking through that door for the first time.  You have already done that so the rest is plain sailing. 

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  1. Totally agree- hope I can make it back again soon.