Friday, 25 January 2013

The Reality of Fighting

It's a horrible and dirty thing that is over quickly and if you are lucky you come out the other side in one piece. You might not remember that much of it but eventually you can piece it all together. You might not hurt that much at the time but afterwards you may feel like you have been run over. You might feel awful for the damage you have done to another human being or you may stress and worry over reprisals. In short, its not worth getting involved and if you can avoid it then do so. If you are still out picking fights in your twenties then you need to have a serious look at yourself.

This festive period has again shown how our training this year needs to mirror that of reality. Look at when you are out and where violence occurs - when groups of males are together and there is alcohol and drugs. The main thing is look at how much space is available. Normally you are so confined most of the techniques and tactics we train you in could not realistically be employed as you would be smashing into people, getting them involved, knocking into females as well. So we are really going to concentrate on true close quarter combatives in the first quarter of the year's training. If you can't do it in a phone box then update your training.


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