Sunday, 20 January 2013

Is Pain Weakness Leaving The Body?

Is it really?? Or is it a sign you've made a tragic error and need to stop training. First off decipher what pain is and imagine on a scale of one to ten with ten being the most horrific pain you can imagine. Now if you are training and you feel sore during it is it muscular fatigue or is it pain a signal that something is not right. I think if I were training and it was a 4 pain signal then I would need to stop and look at my form and what I was doing. 

All too often you see people grimacing with the worst form in the world about to herniate a disc in their spine just to get that last deadlift in. What the hell is wrong with some people. They are usually the ones that tell you they train 5 times a week and have trained for ten years and still look like they started training a year ago. On the other hand some people who are only fatigued think they are dying. The body can take a huge amount of abuse and punishment it is normally the spirit that goes first. For a great many people they confuse the two and lose the will to continue training as they honestly believe that they cannot physically go on. As a coach you need to reassure them they can, dial it in a little, lessen the load and cajole them into continuing the journey. 

We all know our own bodies and we need to understand how they work. Most of us will try and find the easiest way to do something or get through a workout even if that means poor form. What we need to do is understand why we train, what we want from it and how our bodies are reacting to exercise. Then we can make the decision whether to keep on with the workout, lessen the load, call it day or in fact stop because you fear you are risking an injury in that session.

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