Tuesday, 2 October 2012


You will succeed because I believe you can! If you want to make changes whether its to get to class more, train harder, start training, lose weight, change the diet, get stronger then do. Set yourself an outcome and work towards it. If you start small in the beginning then you are more likely to succeed and then keep up with the changes. If its too big a change then it MIGHT be too much and you may not see it through. If you never quit though then you can never fail. A lot of times in life things seem really huge and you think you will never be able to them. The world is full of success stories. Decide what it is you want. Write down the steps you think you need to get there. And then start working towards it. Nothing in life is easy if it is worth it. There will be an element of discomfort and hardship but when you get there it will feel fantastic and you will look forward to the next change.

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