Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Started the night off with a quick go over of our tapping drill, just to get us warm and moving.Then on to some unarmed combative sets based on intercepting or reacting to a front throat grab, we finished off our unarmed sets with working our defence against a low line static knife threat. The rest of the night was dedicated to 3 count sumbrada, we reviewed our universal 12 line last week so jumping into our 3 count was a great way to remind US of the angles and the correct lines to use during the drill.We worked stick vs stick then switched to stick vs knife, the importance of using the weapons during these drill is not only to help bring our skill at arms on but to also speed up our empty hand skills. We finished off by using the angles used within the sumbrada drill and applied them to defending against a right handed hooking punch. This was the guys time to play about with the drill as they saw fit and they all pulled something functional out of the drill. We're going to work on sumbrada next week and add in our 5 count and start switching between the two then look at the disarms we can pull from it, see you then. Michael

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