Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Started the class with a bodyweight and kettlebell drill. From there we worked a series of combinations on the focus mitts. We then looked at defending various knife attacks. I tried to give each group a different combative set based on where they were in the gym. If they were near a wall then employ this, if the attacker had longer hair then use to your advantage and grab and pull. There was a mixture of police and military and regular guys so we can tailor an appropriate solution. One of the points I was trying to get across to the guys was the need for free play. I provide you with a template response. As long as the majority of it is displayed Im happy but I am really looking for you to elaborate on this. Add in your own extras and the attacker can also fowl when appropriate and put a little extra few things to keep you on your toes. This way it forces you to think and react quicker and brings you on as a practitioner. It also brings you on as a coach as you learn when the time is right to put on the pressure. Good work guys, keep it up. Marcus

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