Tuesday, 30 October 2012


We started the class with a kettlebell and bodyweight drill. From there we drilled palm heel and hammer strikes on various lines. We then worked at 50% speed and looked at capitalising on our strikes. This slower tempo allowed us time to think more and increase our striking skills. Often in the early stages people move to fast and have poor strikes. Remember you can develop on the whole range of pads and bags in the gym. When we drill we can opt to go fast or slow. Going slow allows you to do more and see more opportunities. We then worked a multiple opponent drill and then finished the class back with some work against a jab, hook attack. I then spoke to the guys about mental visualation and how to use it in our training giving hints on optimum times throughout the day, what the cover to make it more real on your mind and where you can do this. A great solid effort from all there. Marcus

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