Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Monday night saw us combine the Krav Maga and Tactical Edge class and we focused mainly on knife threats. We started on static knife threats on the high line and moved through control and return and control and retain, we moved to low line and worked through our returning blade from our sankyo wrist reversal lock variation and looked at obtaining a foot pin to use as our takedown. The guys rolled on to an active attack, we used either the krav 360 or the TE straight blast limb destruction as an entry against a forehand slash, then used the passing action to gain position for the U-strip, from there we could use the knife to gain a position of negotiation, perform a takedown or use against a second attacker. We finished off the night by going through the tapping drill, working all three thrusting angles, there was a great consistent effort from everyone, great class guys. Michael

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