Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Monday night was all about sticks. We kicked off with our three count sumbrada, just to warm up and see what everyone had remembered from last week. Once everyone was moving we looked at our redonda action and how to use it while advancing, this drill gets a little wearing on the hands so we dropped stick and pulled some empty hand applications from the action. We jumped back into stick work and looked at the abanico action then moved into our slanting family drill, defending a downward attack using either a roof or wing action. We finished off the night by going back into our 3 count and gaining our snake 1 disarm then moving into empty hand striking and then performing a takedown. Stick work was really coming on with everyone but we're going to use the 3 count as our warm up for the next few weeks till we get it down. Great effort from everyone. See you all next week. Michael

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