Tuesday, 16 October 2012


The first form of attack was a stick or bat downward attack, we looked at the krav response to this, looking for the moment the attacker draws the weapon back to swing down and shooting in to the inside line, from there we used various strikes and a crude but effective take down to put our attacker at our feet safely without the chanceof being struck with the weapon. Staying with the stick we looked at a horizontal swing attack, again moving in as the attacker draws the weapon back, the follow up strikes we kept the same for familiarity. We kept the same style of attack but looked at the TE response, using an elbow strike limb destruction and our snake family of disarms. Swapping a stick for a knife we started off with a static knife threat and looked at the U strip, passing hands and clasping hand responses and then finished off with an active slashing attack where we used our SBLB and our quick strip two return or retain position. As the classes were combined there was a load of material covered but everyone looked amped and focused right the way through, the TE edged weapon work work was going great and everyone picked it up well.

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