Thursday, 20 September 2012


Every martial arts gym promises something different, whether its 'the most effective martial art', or 'the most battle tested fighting system', or even something as dubious as a black belt within a year. With these promises comes a lot of ego, a lot of testosterone fueled one-up-manship. At Combat Ready we don't promote that atmosphere. Everyone is a beginner in our eyes, everyone has something to learn. The one thing we promise is a relaxed and honest atmosphere, where anyone can train, get fit, and not feel like they are being judged on how 'hardcore' they are. If that makes us the every-man's gym then so be it. We ask all our students for their thoughts on our gym, and the one thing we hear more than anything else, is that Combat Ready is a friendly and welcoming place to train. If you are interested, check out our testimonials. I'd rather be judged on my results, rather than my boasts, any day. Marcus

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