Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Tonight was a class packed full of gems and principles if you were still switched on at 7.30pm. We looked at some basic striking and whether to recoil or punch through and drop the hands. From there we looked at returning with an elbow, was it a strike or a defence? Then wrapping the neck in a guillotine fashion as a long knee strike had brought the head forward. The guillotine for us is not a choke or submission but a wrench. From there we looked at an escape from a guillotine and also a standing guillotine from behind or head lock or choke, whatever you want to call it. We worked it as a multiple attacker drill as well. I told the guys to concentrate on good striking and all these techniques are unnecessary and simply things to keep us fresh and interested in training. Take some of the motions from the escapes and see where you can use them. The thumb to the throat for example in the guillotine can generally be used in one form or another in the clinch and grabbing situations. Its the ability of you as a student to realise these and find them out and make yourself a complete practitioner or a hard target. Marcus

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