Tuesday, 11 September 2012


One of the most frequent worries I hear from clients is that if they train with weights, they will get too big. This isn't just a complaint from female clients, many men also tell me that they aren't looking to get big, just 'lean'. These people worry that weight training will make you massive before you know it, that you'll balloon in the space of a night, and find yourself having to turn sideways to just to get through the door. This is a common misconception. Now, I wish it were that easy to put on muscle - though if it was Personal Trainers would go out of business. However, gaining muscle isn't so simple. It take years of dedication and hard training to get the kind of physiques that body builders have, you don't get it over night. Building muscle is the key to good health and fitness. Slim men looking to get the Hollywood physique need more muscle to add shape and definiton to those areas of their body that lack form, overweight men will find that bigger shoulders and legs will help shift focus from their mid sections, creating a more proportional physique. Women, for whom looking too masculine can be a constant worry, will find that resistance training will give them the sense of personal fitness and strength are looking for, without putting on unfeminine size - whatever that means. The simple fact of biology is that most women lack the testosterone necessary to put on large amounts of muscle. Trust your trainer's advice when he puts you on a resistance training program, if you are clear with your goals, you are in no danger of suddenly becoming freakishly muscular. Whether you are a slim and looking to build a physique, or overweight and looking to shift the pounds, weight training will help you do it.

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