Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Last night saw us go straight into a series of comsets. What are comsets? A comset in tactical edge is a series of set motions/strikes in response to a particular threat. These are used as a learning tool, they teach the student to flow through the standard operating procedures based on a set situation, its not as free flow as our situational drills. These sets are invaluable in teaching the student to flow into a defensive response under pressure. Our comsets consisted of 3 unarmed and 2 armed attacks. Our first set was pre-emptive, action is quicker than reaction and using minimal striking we neutralised the threat and performed a takedown. The second set was reactionary, we were reacting to a haymaker attack. The third set was also reactionary but this time it was from a straight thrusting attack, this could have been with a weapon, punch or grab but we were sticking with the empty hand for this one. Our forth set was the first weapon threat, a static knife high line knife threat, which we performed clasping hands and engaged the attackers second hand and moved in for a take down. The fifth and final set was a high line baton threat, we gained control of the baton and performed a woodpecker motion to the attackers head, performed snake no2 disarm to gain possession of the weapon and then used our cross lock to take the attacker down safely. We worked through these five sets nice and easy using big motions to help build muscle memory. Now we couldn't have the guys finish the night without a little work out, the guys were put through a quick but intense little exercise set and once they were a little red in the face and out of breath we jumped back into comset 1 and 4, now running these sets after an intense little session really put a spot light on the guys reactions and skills, not only are the 'good guys' in the drill tired and feeling drained but the 'bad guys' performing the attacks were tired also which meant some of the lines of attack were a little off but this really highlights how your skills have developed and how you can adapt to different lines of attacks quickly, excellent effort though guys. Michael

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