Wednesday, 19 September 2012


We started by using elbow destructions for a straight punch, we stayed light on our feet, kept our hands up and as our partner fed a punch we engaged with either an upward elbow or a horizontal elbow to destroy the attackers hand. By keeping our hands up and a fair distance apart we give the attacker a frame or a window to strike through, we're drawing his attention and attack to our centre line. If we liken this to the 5 ways of attack principle it'd be attack by draw. Once we had the centre line sorted we moved to the attacker throwing fast haymaker punches and over whelming us, from there we had to find the 'gap' in attack and use the elbow as a standard limb destruction. We moved into a couple of comsets to get flow through the attacks at different angles. After all those elbows we gave everyone's arms a rest from impact and finished off with some single stick work using snake 1&2 to disarm and we finished off using re-enforced stick blocks and finger crushes for some pain compliance. See you next week, good effort guys. Michael

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