Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I was up in Arbroath over the weekend training with at the T.E. instructor’s course. A good couple of head melting days full of some great stuff. The focus was reverse grip knife, conceptually the reverse grip knife is gold, it can be applied to pretty much every type of improvised weapon, we also worked on some kerambit set pieces. We recapped some of the combative double stick and worked some great variations of sumbrada and worked some of our disarms. Overall, a great weekend, jammed full of stuff to go through and take away and work on. Out of all the skill at arms weekends I think this one has been the my favourite so far as it really highlighted the versatility of the weapon work we do in T.E. could pick apart what we went over and train quite easily all year without fail. A big thanks to Stephan and Big Scott who I trained with over the two days, only one more then test day. Michael

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