Tuesday, 25 September 2012


We kicked off with some inside horizontal gunting against the haymaker attack and flowed into our head tilt. We then switched it up to our SBLD into a low line foot pin and finished off our empty hand sets with our passing action into a groin strike and used our 'eagle' takedown. With the empty hand 'comsets' finished we moved onto the 12 universal lines,we focused on the 8 cutting lines first and the used the tapping drill to get the thrusting angles dealt with. We started working the lines using the training knifes, as thinking of them being cutting lines just helps us keep the line as accurate as possible, we marked the angles on our partners standing static then had them in guard and used the angles to strike in at the hand and work the cutting lines into different targets on the body. With the angles fresh in our minds we finished off the night with some 'bowie sparring' we used the foam lagging and duelled each other using the angles we had worked on, this is just a good fun 'game' to finish off with but it does give us the attributes of correct cutting angles and timing. Training at the weekend we were working on sumbrada and some pretty complex variations of it over the standard 3 and 5 count, this really helped reenforce how important using the correct angles during our skill at arms stuff is, its sometimes all to easy to get sucked into a drill and just get lost in the flow of things. Next week we'll be going over our sumbradas so try and do a bit home work guys and get going over the 12 angles as much as you can. Michael

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