Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Tonight we focused on a few of last weeks stick drills to get warmed up and tried to stick strictly to the angles. We then mixed our double X sinawali with heaven six, this posses some confusion as double X sinawali is a 4 count drill and heaven six is a 6 count drill so we really have to focus on our timings and transition between the two different drills. Combining drills with different timings is invaluable in teaching yourself to react or to strike on a half beat. We finished off the class by using a simple knife matrix to stop a forehand,backhand,low line thrust or a downward angle of attack, we mixed it up by using empty hand and i showed the guys how the travel wrench could be used as a great equaliser to a weaponised attack. Remember for all the weapon drills we do to speed up our empty hand skills the travel wrench works empty hand and your skill at arms so if you don't have a travel wrench grab yourself one, they're on sale at the gym. Michael

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