Friday, 14 September 2012


Last night we did a warm up using the kettlebells and then we focussed on our low line regular front kick. I handed out some coaching tips for the pad holders. Then we primarily focussed on our boxing skills. I wanted the guys to isolate each of the strikes and then we built them up into combinations. From there we did some sparring but played in that close range. The idea was to get hit, to dish it out a little but at 65%. You need to disengage the ego, relax, let go and have fun. During the class I expressed that people need to listen more to the instructions as we are building on everything. Strong foundations make for long lasting skills. Do you think Tyson just started working combos if Cus told him work the jab. Also, the pad holder is the coach, they give the feedback to the striker on everything. They have a huge responsibility so don't take it lightly! See you next class. Marcus

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