Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Monday saw us work through our hubud drill. The whole lesson was pretty much dedicated to the hubud movement, we started with the drill then built on it by adding in a knife between the pair. From there we utilised either quick strip 1 or quick strip 2 using the full strip movement and completely removing the weapon from our partners hand then we moved to strip and retain were we could use the knife to further defend ourself or use it to perform a quick take down. We let everyone's shoulders rest a bit and focused on using the passing motion to defend an attack with that big haymaker punch and moved into a couple of various take downs. Although we focused on really only one movement there really is hundreds of variations to it depending on the variables in the situation and that's what we really pulled from this. This lesson really show cased the 'conceptual' side of tactical edge and it it looked like everyone took something away from it that they could instantly use. Great effort from everyone. Michael

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