Monday, 23 July 2012


Tonight saw us kick off with a 7 set combination of hand strikes, utilising palm heel and hammer fists. We started smashing through the set on the thai pads and once everyone had the action down we dropped the pads and started using the strikes in a slow fighting style paying attention to how our opponent moved and covered to expose a new target. Then came the fun part, we ran through our Hubud drill then stuck on the sparring head gear. We ran through hubud with one of the pair in the head gear and at their partners will they broke hubud and started striking, they weren't hard strikes but they were fast, controlled and on target, we then added a knife in the waist band of the attacker so the drill was to break hubud, strike and move around our assailant and obtain they're knife to gain a position of negotiation. we finished off by using our 7 strike combo pattern in a little comset then moved onto a comset using the straight blast limb destruction from a slashing attack, we incorporated our passing hubud action and quick strip number 2. everyone did really well tonight, i was impressed by how well some of the guys were moving and this was the second class of the night they all went through so great effort guys. Michael

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